Mack Ranch is built on a passion for Agriculture and the “Want to” of three generations working together, Eric and Christine Mack with daughter Kaycee Rose, Ed and Susan Mack with grandsons Cody, Shawn and Matthew.

Located in Central Montana where in 1916 the family settled in the Fords Creek area, Eugene and Rose Marie Mack purchased the current location in the 1950’s, Ed and Sue Mack moved the family back to the ranch in 2000, then in 2011 the ranch population grew with grandsons Cody, Shawn and Matthew, along with Eric and Christine marrying, with Miss Kaycee Rose arriving in 2015.

     Introduction to the Angus industry came in 1990 when Ed went to work for Jim and Joyce Turner at Green Valley Angus in Hobson MT. Jim Turner gave tremendous knowledge and guidance to Ed and Eric igniting a passion for Black Angus Cattle, Jim’s cattle genetics is still prevalent in the Mack herd today.

     Livestock showmanship is part of the Mack Ranch, it was also Jim Turner at Green Valley Angus who captured Eric’s interest to show and instilled in Eric to look for the timeless characteristics in cattle which he still leans towards today when building our herd, genetics and next show quality cattle. Eric and Ed are longtime members of FFA and 4H, mentoring the next generations of Mack’s, Cody showing heifers Top Notch Sheza Ten 509 bought at NILE in 2015 and Car Primrose 5133 an Active Duty daughter, along with pigs, Shawn goats and Matthew lambs. Kaycee loves all animals, feeding with her dad; she’s a natural rancher at heart. In 2015, RM Pearl Enechor C09 was purchased at NILE, will be hitting the show rings of Denver Stock show in 2017.

     The Mack Ranch raises both Commercial and Registered Angus cattle, as well as provides other services such as AI services, Freeze branding, custom calving, custom haying and trucking.

     We strive to produce for maternal, longevity, and disposition, along with calving ease, growth and carcass. Our cows are long sided, deep, with good spring of rib that carries into the back quarter. We want cattle that have a butt and thick over the top, that can cover some ground while not receiving any supplemental feed. To sum up, more simply put, Cattle that are easy fleshing, easy keepers.

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